Raw Materials

HEALTH GUARD offers a wide variety of raw materials, ingredient sourcing and supply platform ensures the highest quality and value. Our capabilities include contracting and purchasing non-genetically modified and fresh raw materials from growers, as well as facilitating farmers for cultivations.
HEALTH GUARD’s raw materials are sourced from all the regions of Pakistan and we have relationships with over 3,000 growers. We add value to the raw materials we source, turning them into a variety of food ingredients for food manufacturers.

Fresh Vegetables

Every day the demand for healthy food continues to increase, we offer a wide range of fresh vegetables to fulfill your needs. Our highly skilled teams can assist in developing unique products, flavors, and textures ideally suited for your target market. Our experienced sales and marketing professionals will provide a superior start to finish support in launching your nutritious fresh vegetable products.
Raw Materials

Fresh Fruits

HEALTH GUARD’s prime focus is to provide quality products which promote health & goodness. We offer a wide variety of fresh fruits and fruit ingredients to meet your specific requirements. Whether you're looking for individually quick frozen (IQF), juices, purees or dried fruit, our offer is to provide delicious and fresh fruit products.
Raw Materials