Healthguard also offers its customers the opportunity to brand prepared
water for their companies. As off date, Healthguard is branding for about 120 corporates throughout ICZN and even nationwide. What we mean by this is that we would bottle the water and deliver it to you with your label on, thus resulting in your company haying its own prepared water. Hence, creating that corporate image that all companies aspire for.
In keeping up with corporate governance and assisting companies in their advertising strategy, Healthguard is offering all sports clubs, institutions, hospitals, catering contractors and corporates the privilege of branding their own water. This means, we would do all the labour and bottling of the water and deliver it to your door with your company details and logo on the bottle. So why not take the step into the new era of globalisation and let Healthguard take your brand and water the world.
corporate style.” Healthguard does not even leave the consumer out of their reach and in catering for the needs of those consumers that would want to buy bottled water at wholesale prices for their kids in school or college, we will deliver to your door pending on quantity within the Pietermaritzburg region at no added cost.
Branded water bottles could be handed out at shows, promotions, staff functions, tendering for contracts and social responsibility projects, just to name a few.

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